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R Crowe Painting & Maintenance has been offering quality home improvement services all over Beverly and surrounding communities. We started as a simple home painting company, but as our clientele grew, so did our offerings of services. We now hold a Home Improvement License, and can oversee a range of services. Our goal is simple: quality workmanship and satisfied customers. We believe in our work and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call us at (978) 677-1652 today for a free estimate!

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Home Improvement

Beauty is in the details. A properly mitred corner, quality wood and finish materials make a big difference in durability and workmanship. Being able to stand back to see the "big plan" without sacrificing on the small details -- that is beauty.

Interior Painting

Success is in the preparation. Again, the skill and knowledge of a years experienced craftsman can make all the difference. What we do is ensure a quality final product.

General Carpentry

R Crowe works with wood, tile, stone and glass for handsome kitchens and showroom quality baths and vanities. Whether a remodel of a simple room and a large space, it is the attention to detail and the correct procedures that bring out a beautiful result.

Baths, Vanities and Kitchens

At home, where do we spend all our time?

What is the "right" look for your space? We can turn your building plans into reality.

Mother Nature spent years forming your countertop.

R Crowe does not take your countertop, back slash or enclosure for -- dare we say it? -- for granite. Every piece of marble, stone, tile or granite is carefully prepared and set in place to last a lifetime.

Touch it. Feel it. Enjoy it for years to come.

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